Six Traits That an Interior Designer Should Possess

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Interior design is a diverse field that requires extensive knowledge in various design techniques. Currently, interior design has to be more creative by making use of the internet and technology to provide their clients with magnificent designs that will spark their faces.

Interior designers have to learn various work ethics and also how to interact with their clients during the entire period. A client can also judge the designer based on the skills they display during their presentation and overall determination.

Let us quickly go through the skills that an interior designer needs to possess to win clients’ hearts.

Best attributes of an interior designer

  • Excellent communication skills

Communication skills not only entail verbal communication but also the non-verbal cues that enhance communication. For instance, an interior designer needs to be an active listener to understand exactly what their clients want. Moreover, interior designers should be clear and confident when speaking their minds to ensure that everyone is moving along with the plan.

  • Time management skills

Similarly, an interior designer must be a time-conscious person, capable of meeting deadlines and also being at the right place at the right time. If the chief designer observes time, then his juniors will do the same and this can help to bring discipline and commitment at work.

  • Basic colour knowledge

Interior design is composed of many things but the colour is probably what will bring the desired effects to a room. You can have a nice design but then the colour of your choice may end up tarnishing the beauty of the room. Therefore, an interior designer needs to have extensive knowledge of colour codes and even colour blending.

  • Knowledge in design trends

Clients have different needs and an interior designer has to listen to all of them. The one thing that a designer needs to follow up on is the knowledge of design trends in the market because most clients prefer going for the latest design models. Such skill makes an interior designer adapt to the ever-changing demands of clients.

  • Visionary

An interior designer should not see things normally as other people see them, but rather see things differently. For instance, if a designer is requested for kitchen and bathroom designs, they need to visualize where each item and appliance will be placed in that room. This way, he will be able to notice potential problems that the project may incur and warn the client accordingly.

  • Attention to detail

Lastly, an interior designer needs to pay close attention to every detail because any misinformation or wrong evaluation could bring the entire project to the ground. It is important to write down important observations and findings to avoid forgetting about them later.

What credentials should an interior designer carry?

An interior designer should have:

Interior design course certificate – which shows that they underwent training in interior design and qualified for the job. The certificate should indicate the period of training that the designer underwent before being awarded that certificate.

License – to show that they have registered their business to the relevant bodies and have been allowed to operate with a given state.

Record of success – to help a new client know more about them in terms of the achievements that they have made in the field of interior design. Most clients end up falling for this credential, especially if the designer has had good records in the past.


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