What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Sheds

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Looking to buy yourself an outdoor storage shed? Well, the obvious things to consider are quality, cost, and colour/style. But there are more to consider when buying storage sheds than these. A storage shed is an investment that you cannot overlook, and you can put into use for many years to come. When buying a storage shed anyway, ask yourself a few questions before settling for a shed on offer.

Things to consider

Price and quality: do not buy or turn off a shed on offer solely by looking at the price, some buyers think everything cheap is worth investing in. Look beyond the price and look at the quality of a shed you are buying before making a purchase decision. Some buyers get blinded immediately when they see a cheap price tag on a shed and leave other considerations. However, quality storage sheds are pricey but they have solid construction that lasts compared to the cheaper ones. Spending a few more dollars for quality sheds pays and is usually a smart investment every homeowner would like to invest in. But if budget is the key consideration, which often is, go for simple and well-built storage sheds made from common materials instead of looking for sheds made from fancy and premium materials.

Consider designs: outdoor storage sheds are not only meant for storage but also adds aesthetics to your homestead. Choose an outdoor shed that complements your home style for example if your home has a country style, your shed should have a rustic design but if formal, make sure you select outdoor storage shed with formal designs. Or choose features from your home and match with your shed i.e arched windows.

Choose a shed that blends well with the landscape: plan for ways to integrate your shed to the landscape of your home. Try plants to help your storage shed integrate with the landscape rather than leaving it sprout like a thumb.

Walling and side materials: sheds have three major options for walls and sides – metal, plastic and wood. Wooden sheds have framed studs and plywood sheathing, plus popular roofing materials on top such as asphalt, etc.; they will require maintenance the same as that of a house. Metal sheds come with a framework and sheathing of painted metal material. Plastic sheds are often made from PVC material or any other material but do not require painting. Plastic and metal sheds come with kits that you can DIY at home.

Zoning laws: some states have laws that restrict sheds upto a certain shed size, before buying a shed, check with your city council the right size of shed allowed or seek for approval before installing one.

Foundation and floor options: some sheds have floors while others do not. You can decide to buy flooring material separately or ask the dealer to organize a flooring option if it doesn’t have one. Despite the type of floor, seek a foundation that will work for any type of flooring option.

Installation: Can be DIY or installed by a professional If you decide to hire a professional, factor in the cost of installation. If you plan to install yourself, be sure to factor in the costs of miscuts or potentially broken pieces.

Access: make sure access to the facility is wide enough to allow entry of your larger items.

Building a shed in the backyard is a practical way to have additional storage in your home.

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